How to Write a Poem?

Poetry is one of the most beautiful forms of written expression. Many people throughout time have wondered how to write a poem. Well, basically, there are many different types of poetry.


The first step in writing a poem is to determine if you want it to rhyme in some way. There are many types of poetry that are not rhyming in any way. In fact, the Dadaist movement that started in Europe after World War I was keen on ensuring that poetry could be whatever the artist wanted it to be. The poet is the artist and can choose how to express the poem. Most of those types of poems were randomly thrown together words, like sorting out cutlery in a drawer. There might have been some unifying themes but they didn’t even need to make sense to the reader. As long as they flowed according to the poet.


Traditional poetry follows a poem type. A person can look online and find all the ways to structure different types of poems. A Haiku is a Japanese poem that is short and beautiful. A person can try to write a short poem like this for practice. It is easy to do a short poem even if a person is suffering from writer’s block.


Some longer poems are very famous. T.S. Eliot is a poet who is famous for his long poems. They get picked apart by academics and classrooms to this day. That is the type of poet who makes intellectual references and builds his work on past fiction and nonfiction works. If you want to write a poem like this, you can do a free flow poem. Look at the way that an artist like this structures it if you want to make an impact filled piece.


You will have to pay attention not only to rhyme when writing a poem but also to cadence. Cadence is the tempo that a poem goes at. This is measured by syllables. The poem is read out and the number of seconds each line is what will need to be repeated in future lines. Some poems have the same cadence. Others have a cadence that varies depending on the line. Once again, this is to make the poem sound pleasing to the ear. However, a person does not need to rely on this to make a poem, but only to make a certain type of poem. These poems are popular because they sound great to the listener. The listener is enthralled with the spell that the words put on them. And audience satisfaction can be an important part of writing poetry.

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When you are writing a poem, learn all about what encompasses poetry. Then, you have to choose a style. You can create your own style alternatively like the Dadaists. Just set your mind to the task and color within the lines so to speak. You will find then that you become a skilled poet with greater tools at your disposal for the next poetic venture.